The Truth About Darkness and Its Meaning

The best stories of human life are those where life touches the nature. We have all heard the truism, that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, but few of us have paid attention to the opposite reaction, and the reason for this is not because we do not know it. There is one, and only one equal and opposite reaction in nature, and that is death. It is to say that life, even in the darkest corners of Nature, is constantly evolving, growing, and changing to the point that a tiny speck in its midst can discover the beauty and mysteries of its own creation, and take pleasure in its discovery and love for itself.

Darkness, on the other hand, is the absence of life, in the same way that the absence of heat means the absence of fire. How can something which is absolutely absent from the very point from which it springs, be accepted by man as part of the nature? Just as it is wrong to assume that an oak tree growing in a hot summer is as beautiful as one which grows in a cold winter, so it is equally wrong to assume that a dark forest in a cold season represents the deepest mystery and beauty of the world. In fact, what you might term darkness is the complete absence of life.

We have all heard about the deep sea, and the flora and fauna in it, and the wide variety of creatures that exist there, but what you might call the deep sea is really a thin region of heat and light. The light on the surface of the water is nothing more than a reflection from the waves and the lights of the sun, and the heat is as much a part of the water as the light. The birds and whales and fish and seals cannot live in the deep ocean, because it is too cold, and yet the starlight makes them live there. That is darkness, a complete absence of life.

We have all heard about the deep dark forests, and the vast untrodden depths of the earth, but this is really an area of death. When the last drops of the rain fall, and the sun sets, there is no life, just death. So if you see the depths of the earth, you should always be reminded that they are the deepest, the most barren and deepest part of the earth, and at the center of all life.

The deepest parts of the earth are not really dark at all. Darkness is simply the absence of life. In truth, darkness is the absence of the unknown. In the deepest parts of the earth, there is no doubt that life exists, because there is no sign of it. In fact, the unknown, the space which man does not know exists, can only be found there.

Many of us suppose that the depth of the ocean is the darkness of the deepest, that the deep dark forests are the darkest, but these forests are really the biggest tree huggers in the world. They eat the other trees, and they destroy them. They do not care whether they are sawed down by hand, or through the power of an exploding rocket. If the tree is old enough, it is a tree, and this is what life is, a tree eating other trees.

The deepest forests of the world are never fully explored, because they are not much of an adventure. Most people think that in the deepest parts of the earth, there is no life at all, because there is no one around to see it. But the truth is that a tree in the deepest parts of the earth, can see the sun and will happily rip the leaves off a mature tree, because he wants to eat them. He sees himself as part of the tree, and he gives himself to the tree as part of the tree.

All life is the question of darkness is life. The ultimate in darkness is the deepest of the deepest. Darkness is an ecstasy, and the pleasure of the highest form of being is the deep darkness of the deepest. One must find out what is there and live there, or die there.

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