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Naveed Ahmed

IT Enthusiast

Self Care

Self care isn’t always fun, relaxing and enjoyable. Sometimes self care means finally doing the dirty dishes even though they’re gross and you’re exhausted. Sometimes self care means taking a proper shower for the first time in a week even though it’s a struggle. Sometimes self care means prepping meals even though you don’t enjoy cooking. Sometimes self care means going for that run even though you’d rather sleep. Sometimes self care is boring. Sometimes self care is hard. Sometimes practicing self care is about doing the things you feel the least like doing but which you need to do anyways. There’s nothing wrong with bubble baths, Netflix, snacks and sleeping in but sometimes self care is about doing what you NEED to do and not what you WANT to do – and it’s important to find a balance between doing things that will satisfy you in the moment and doing things which your future self will thank you for.
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